The Public Health Department Commemorates World Tuberculosis Day 2024

Overcoming the Pandemic: Combating Tuberculosis in Santa Barbara County with “Yes! We Can End TB” Campaign

In 2024, the theme for World TB Day is “Yes! We Can End TB.” The Santa Barbara County Public Health Department is committed to eliminating tuberculosis (TB) and raising awareness about the disease. As an airborne infectious disease that’s preventable and treatable, TB is a constant reminder that together we can continue fighting to end it.

LTBI (latent TB infection) is a condition where there is a small amount of TB bacteria suppressed by the immune system, unable to spread TB to others. Without treatment, LTBI can develop into active TB. Treatment is available for both LTBI and active TB. Dr. Henning Ansorg, Public Health Officer and County’s TB Controller, emphasizes that the best prevention strategy for TB is to treat infection before active TB develops and for community members to feel comfortable asking their providers to get tested for LTBI.

In 2022, Santa Barbara County had an incidence rate of 4.3 cases per 100,000 compared to the national average in the United States of 2.5 cases per 100,000. However, the County continues to work collaboratively with health providers in local clinics, hospitals, and organizations to bring awareness and education on TB risk, testing, and treatment as crucial steps in identifying those at risk and preventing active TB.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends individuals get tested with a blood test if they suspect they have been exposed to someone with active TB or if they have symptoms such as coughing or chest pain. It’s important for everyone who has been exposed or who has symptoms of tuberculosis to seek medical attention promptly so that they can receive appropriate treatment before the disease progresses into an active infection.

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