Sports bettors show lack of support for Yankees and Mets as 2024 MLB season approaches

NY Baseball Teams: Fans and Vegas Bookies Uncertain of 2024 Postseason Success Despite Strong Division Odds

New York baseball fans are not optimistic about the chances of their beloved teams, the Yankees and Mets, in the 2024 season. According to data from BetMGM Sportsbook, both teams are among the most bet on teams to miss the playoffs. Only the defending champion Rangers have more bets placed on them to fall short of the postseason than the New York duo.

Despite facing several injuries that affected their team, the Yankees’ win total dropped from 93.5 to 91.5 this preseason. The Orioles, on the other hand, saw a significant increase in wins, going from 87.5 to 90.5. Despite this news, oddsmakers still consider both teams strong contenders for the postseason in their respective divisions.

In terms of postseason odds, only the Astros have better odds than the Yankees in the American League race. The Yankees and Orioles are neck-and-neck with +180 odds each to win their division in AL East race. However, unlike their counterparts in AL East, Vegas bookies consider Mets as long shots to make it into playoffs and win NL East with -100 odds or even lower depending on how they perform during regular season.

In summary, both New York baseball teams are not favored among bettors for a successful 2024 season despite having strong odds of winning their division but low number of bets placed on them compared to other teams.

The Mets and Yankees have seen a decrease in preseason win totals due to injuries affecting their team respectively while Orioles have seen an increase in wins compared to last year.

Both teams are considered strong contenders for postseason despite low number of bets placed on them and unfavorable odds by Vegas bookies especially Mets who are considered big long shots to make it into playoffs or win NL East.

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