Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund to Review Investments in Israel-Linked Companies

Norwegian Sovereign Wealth Fund Reviews Investment Policy Amid Gaza Strip Conflict, Considering Divestment from Weapon Suppliers”

The Norwegian sovereign wealth fund, one of the largest investment structures worldwide, has recently reviewed its investment policy in Israeli and international companies due to ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip. The fund is concerned about potential violations of its code of ethics and is considering divestment from companies that supply weapons to Israel for use in the Gaza Strip. While the fund allows investments in defense enterprises, it has exceptions for those associated with nuclear weapons.

In 2023, at the end of the year, the fund owned shares in 76 Israeli companies. However, it had previously divested from some companies involved in infrastructure projects in occupied territories, reflecting its commitment to upholding ethical standards in its investments. It is essential for such a prestigious fund to ensure that its investments align with its values and guidelines.

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