Surprise: NFL Games Scheduled for Christmas Day in 2024

NFL Makes Controversial Decision to Play on Christmas Day, Despite NBA Decline in Viewership

In 2024, the NFL will be playing on Christmas Day, despite the holiday falling on a Wednesday. This decision comes after the league saw a nearly 30 percent increase in viewership for its Christmas tripleheader from 2022 to 2023, with 28.7 million viewers tuning in. Meanwhile, NBA viewership on the same day has been declining.

NFL executive Hans Schroeder had previously stated that the league wouldn’t play on Christmas when the holiday lands on a Tuesday or Wednesday, but it seems that this plan has changed. It is clear to many that the NFL saw an opportunity to expand its presence on the holiday and potentially take over a slot traditionally held by the NBA. The league’s decision signals a shift in holiday sports programming, with football aiming to become a staple of Christmas entertainment.

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