Putin Breaks Rules After Accusing Ukraine of Attack

New Terrorist Attack Uses Unusual Weapon: The Air Bomb”; “Russian Security Forces Arrest ISIS Terrorists in Moscow”; “Maximizing Your Chances of Landing a Government Job in India: Tips and Strategies

The air bomb is a devastating weapon that uses oxygen from the surrounding air to create an intense explosion at high temperatures and for extended periods of time. Following a severe terrorist attack at a theater near Moscow last Friday evening, this unique attack was carried out.

Recently, Russia’s Investigative Committee released a video showing blindfolded ISIS terrorists being brought to its headquarters in Moscow. These individuals were later presented in the district court in Samani, exhibiting signs of violence on their bodies after being interrogated by Russian security forces. They were charged with carrying out a terrorist attack resulting in a death, which carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment.

The four suspects appeared in court with various injuries, including some who were bruised, bloodied, and exhausted. All four suspects are citizens of Tajikistan.

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