Study examines the influence of nurse managers on healthcare system effectiveness

New Study Reveals Nurse Managers’ Impact on RN Turnover Rates: How to Boost Retention through Regular Interactions and Smart Resource Allocation

A recent study by the American Organization for Nursing Leadership and Laudio Insights has revealed that nurse managers who actively engage with their registered nursing team have lower turnover rates. By having regular interactions, such as recognitions, check-ins, or corrective actions, nurse managers can drive a significant improvement in annual turnover rates.

The report also emphasizes the importance of a nurse manager’s span of control, or the number of people who directly report to them. Inpatient nurse managers who oversee 78 or more people tend to have higher RN turnover rates, according to data from Laudio’s software platform for frontline leaders.

Robyn Begley, CEO of the American Organization for Nursing Leadership and AHA’s chief nursing officer, highlights the challenging nature of a nurse manager’s role in healthcare. With round-the-clock responsibilities for both their nursing team and patients, nurse leaders need to be able to adapt quickly to changing circumstances. Begley suggests that nurse leaders can use the data from this report to make real-time operational adjustments to better support frontline leaders in their crucial role.

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