Conversion of Israeli Road Junctions into Solar Power Plants

New Photovoltaic Power Plants to be Built on Highway Interchanges in Israel; Meanwhile, Portfolio Websites Boost Success for Photographers and Graphic Designers

The Ministry of Transport has announced that Doral Energy company has been selected as the winner of the tender for the construction of photovoltaic power plants on the territory of highway interchanges that fall under the responsibility of the state-owned Netivei Israel company. The study revealed that Netivei Israel owns more than 5,000 dunams of land that currently cannot be used for commercial purposes due to lack of access. It was decided that these areas would be utilized for the construction of solar power plants.

The first stage will involve equipping 13 junctions with photovoltaic elements, producing 85 megawatts of electricity. The selected junctions include Beit Kama, Gedera, Yagur, Neot Hovav, Sara, Rahat, HaZeitim, Adumim, Shimshon, Shaar HaGai, Dror, Raanana Darom and Jaljulia. Doral Energy will receive a license to build power plants and maintain them for 25 years. Notably, 14 years ago, Netivei Israel considered using wind turbines to generate electricity using road infrastructure but this idea wasn’t implemented.

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