Collaboration between Bar Technologies and Groke to enhance autonomous navigation

New Partnership Between Bar Technologies and Groke Technologies: Integrating Autonomous Navigation Systems for a Cleaner Future in the Maritime Industry.

Mitsubishi Corporation’s Kamsarmax bulk carrier, Pyxis Ocean, was retrofitted with WindWings wind sails, developed by Bar Technologies and partner Yara Marine Technologies. The 80,962dwt vessel underwent the installation of the sails at the Cosco yard in China. However, they partially restrict visibility so the Groke Pro situational awareness system from Groke Technologies in Finland was also installed and approved by DNV.

The success of several voyages monitored by Groke has paved the way for a new partnership between Bar Technologies and Groke to develop additional autonomous navigation systems that aim to improve safety at sea and port operations for ships using WindWings. The Groke Pro system utilizes sensor fusion technology to continuously track a ship’s surroundings and combine data from sensors, radar, AIS, and cameras for real-time risk analysis and decision support.

Bar Technologies CEO John Cooper believes that this partnership is a critical step towards integrating low carbon propulsion and automation technologies in the maritime industry. He emphasizes the importance of innovation and collaboration with industry experts to tackle operational challenges. Similarly, Groke Technologies CEO Juha Rokka shares this vision, stating that their company is dedicated to leading the way in the evolving shipping industry while supporting higher safety standards and a cleaner future through their technology and expertise.

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