Netanyahu cancels Israeli delegation to US over abstention on Gaza ceasefire at UN

Netanyahu Cancels Washington Visit for Advisors Amid Gaza Ceasefire Dispute: Israel and the US Navigate Tensions”.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel canceled the visit to Washington of two of his closest advisors following the abstention of the United States in a UN Security Council vote that allowed for the approval of the first ceasefire resolution in Gaza in almost six months. Netanyahu’s office criticized the abstention, stating that it gives Hamas hope that international pressure will force Israel to accept a ceasefire without releasing hostages, thus undermining efforts both on and off the battlefield.

The delegation that was canceled was led by National Security Advisor Tzaji Hanegbi and Minister of Strategic Affairs and former ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer. Both were part of Netanyahu’s inner circle and had been scheduled to travel to Washington to explore alternatives to invading Rafah, an area in southern Gaza, to end Hamas militants from launching rockets into Israel. The cancellation came after a phone conversation between Netanyahu and US President Joe Biden, who disagreed on whether an invasion was necessary.

Despite this decision, another visit to Washington by Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant is still planned. Gallant is expected to meet with US defense officials to discuss alternative approaches for defeating Hamas without causing major consequences for civilians or escalating the conflict further. He will also discuss arms deliveries from the United States and preserving Israel’s qualitative military advantage.

The White House has expressed concerns about the impact of a major military operation on civilians in Gaza and its implications for regional stability and international relations. President Biden has advocated for a more cautious approach with Washington proposing alternative approaches targeting key Hamas elements in Rafah without escalating conflict further. This decision reflects growing tensions between Israel and the United States over how best to address

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