At 43, I was diagnosed with autism: “My mother remains in disbelief”

Navigating the Autism Spectrum: Tanenbaum’s Journey to Self-Discovery and Advocacy

Tanenbaum, a successful businessman and advocate for individuals with autism, reflects on his journey of discovery following his diagnosis with ADHD and Asperger’s. Growing up in New York, he struggled in job interviews and faced difficulties as a child due to the lack of awareness surrounding autism during his childhood. His family did not recognize any signs of disability, and even today his mother questions his diagnosis.

Despite the challenges he faced, Tanenbaum pursued a master’s degree in business administration at Bar-Ilan. However, after receiving his diagnosis, everything started to make sense. He finally understood why he had struggled in job interviews and faced difficulties as a child. The diagnosis of ADHD shed light on many of the challenges he had faced throughout his life.

However, Tanenbaum found himself feeling angry about the challenges he had faced throughout his life instead of feeling relieved by the diagnosis. Dr. Amir Tal, the chief scientist of Beit Eckstein of the Danal Group, notes that this shift in focus towards addressing the unique needs of adults on the autism spectrum is crucial in understanding how late diagnoses can affect individuals and society as a whole. While strides have been made to better understand the needs of adults with autism, there is still a lack of systematic data on late diagnoses and their consequences on individuals and society.

In the digital age, creating a comprehensive database to track those who receive late autism diagnoses is crucial to develop targeted therapy tailored to their unique needs. By acknowledging and addressing these specific needs, society can better support and empower this population to thrive.

Tanenbaum believes that it is important for everyone who receives an autism diagnosis to have access to resources that are specifically designed for them. He advocates for more research into how late diagnoses can affect individuals and society as a whole.

Overall, Tanenbaum’s story highlights the importance of understanding how different neurodevelopmental disorders can impact individuals throughout their lives. With more research into these conditions and increased awareness among families and communities, we can create a more inclusive world that supports everyone’s growth and development.

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