NASA has granted fellowships for astrophysics postdoctoral researchers for the year 2024.

NASA’s Class of 2024: A Photographic Journey Showcasing the Achievements and Diversity of its Hubble, Einstein, and Sagan Fellows

NASA’s class of 2024 NHFP Fellows are showcased in a photo montage, with each fellow categorized by their respective fellowship program. The Hubble Fellows, represented by red hexagons, include Michael Calzadilla, Sanskriti Das, Yue Hu, Wynn Jacobson-Galan, Madeleine McKenzie, Jed McKinney, Andrew Saydjari, Peter Senchyna, Raphael Skalidis, and Adam Smercina. The Einstein Fellows, denoted by blue hexagons, feature Vishal Baibhav, Jordy Davelaar, Alexander Dittmann, Cristhian Garcia Quintero, Amelia (Lia) Hankla, and Keefe Mitman. The Sagan Fellows, marked with green hexagons, consist of Jaren Ashcraft

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