Hands-on Education: NICCL Exhibition Celebrates the Intersection of Art and Science

Museum Hosts Acclaimed Artist Jason Chin for Science and Wonder Workshops and Exhibitions

Last week, the National Children’s Museum of Indianapolis (NCMIC) welcomed acclaimed artist Jason Chin for a series of workshops and exhibitions that inspired children to explore the world of science and wonder. The NCMIC hosted Chin’s exhibit, “The Universe in You,” which opened on Thursday and features examples from his books that introduce young readers to scientific concepts.

During a workshop, kids had the opportunity to draw with Chin and also explore science stations set up in the main gallery. These hands-on demonstrations allowed children to learn about geology, astronomy, physics, and other disciplines in an interactive way.

“The Universe in You” will continue to be on exhibit through May 10, providing a playful yet educational experience for young minds. The exhibit encourages children to think creatively and critically about the world around them, while also fostering their curiosity and passion for learning. With its engaging displays and interactive activities, “The Universe in You” is sure to inspire a new generation of scientists and explorers.

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