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Moran Iron Works Leads the Way in Sustainable Cement Production with Granulation Basins Fabrication Contract

In 2024, Moran Iron Works (MIW) received a significant contract from SMS group for the fabrication of two granulation basins. These basins, weighing an impressive 164,000 pounds each and standing 59 feet high and 21 feet in diameter, play a crucial role in decarbonizing the cement industry by providing superior quality and lower carbon emissions compared to traditional Portland-style cement.

The project began in January of 2024 and showcases MIW’s expertise in fabrication as they utilize the High-Wire Corridor to transport the basins to Rogers City Port. From there, they will be loaded onto a barge for shipment to their final destination on the Great Lakes. This process highlights MIW’s commitment to advancing sustainable solutions in the construction industry.

The completed Granulation Basin from 2023 is currently being loaded onto a barge at Port Calcite in Rogers City. This project represents a significant step towards promoting environmentally friendly practices in the cement industry and underscores MIW’s dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions for a more sustainable future.

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