The Largest Companies in the World according to Poets&Quants

Microsoft Square: Home to the World’s Largest Company in Market Cap, according to Recent Study

Microsoft Square, located in downtown Los Angeles, is home to the world’s largest company in terms of market cap, according to a recent study by CEOWORLD Magazine. The study ranked the world’s largest companies by market cap, which refers to the total dollar market value of a company’s outstanding shares of stock. Among the largest companies were Microsoft with a $3 trillion market cap, Apple with a $2.87 trillion market cap, Saudi Arabian Oil Company with a $2 trillion market cap, Amazon with a $1.87 trillion market cap, and Alphabet Inc. with a $1.77 trillion market cap.

The top 20 companies by market cap were dominated by U.S. companies, with only four non-U.S. companies making the list – Saudi Arabian Oil Company, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited, Novo Nordisk A/S and LVMH. Some U.S. companies from last year’s list still maintained top rankings such as Apple and Microsoft while several new companies made this year’s top 25 that weren’t on last year’s ranking including Home Depot, Adobe, Chevron and Salesforce .

The ranking included companies from 12 different countries including the United States, Saudi Arabia , Taiwan , Denmark and France . The total revenue for the entire CEOWORLD 50 Global stands at $29.63 trillion which is equivalent to 6 times Germany ‘s GDP . The sources for this information were CEOWORLD Magazine and Investopedia .

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