Microsoft is creating an AI-powered virtual assistant for Xbox support

Microsoft introduces AI-powered Xbox Support Agent to streamline player assistance

Microsoft, the tech giant, is currently testing a new animated agent with artificial intelligence (AI) on the Xbox platform to provide support to players. According to The Verge, Microsoft is experimenting with a virtual Xbox Support Agent, an animated character that can interact with players through voice or text queries.

Haiyan Zhang, the general manager of game AI at Xbox, stated that the prototype of the virtual support agent aims to make it easier and faster for players to receive help with support issues. The AI chatbot is connected to Microsoft’s support documents for the Xbox network and ecosystem, allowing it to provide answers to questions and assist with processes such as game refunds directly from the support website.

In addition to implementing AI in player support, Microsoft is also exploring the integration of AI capabilities in game content creation, game operations, and across its Xbox platform and devices. The company is reportedly experimenting with AI-generated art for games and exploring other applications of AI technology in the gaming industry.

Overall, Microsoft’s focus on incorporating AI in various aspects of gaming showcases the company’s commitment to enhancing the player experience and leveraging advanced technology to improve support services and game development processes.

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