Operational Disruptions Plague Whatsapp

Meta’s Whatsapp Faces Messaging Disruptions, With Over 20,000 Issues Reported on Downdetector

The messaging service Whatsapp, which is owned by the technology company Meta, has been experiencing issues in recent times. Users have reported difficulties in sending messages on the platform, indicating that the service is not functioning optimally for everyone. The issue was acknowledged by Whatsapp and they are currently working to resolve it as quickly as possible.

Reports of problems related to Whatsapp began appearing on the Downdetector website with over 20,000 issues being reported by users. These disruptions started around 9:10 PM Finnish time according to the official status site of Whatsapp. Although there have been reports of disruptions in other Meta services such as Instagram, the number of reported problems is significantly lower compared to Whatsapp.

The Vergen technology site has reported that the specific issue with Whatsapp is related to establishing a connection while other services within Meta like Instagram, Threads and Facebook are not experiencing similar problems. This is not the first time that Meta’s services have faced widespread disruptions; similar issues occurred in early March affecting Instagram, Facebook and Threads.

Despite ongoing difficulties, users are encouraged to stay updated on the status of Whatsapp through official channels. The company continues to work diligently to address these issues and ensure uninterrupted use of their messaging service for all users.

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