Mardi Gras and All that Jazz event hosted by Mercy Health scheduled for Tuesday

Mardi Gras and All that Jazz Celebration at Lourdes: Raising $1 Million in Support of Exceptional Healthcare Services.

The Mercy Health Foundation at Lourdes is set to host a Mardi Gras and All that Jazz celebration on Feb. 13 at 6 p.m. at the Carson Center in Paducah. This annual event, which has been held since 2022, features live music and entertainment from several performers, Cajun food and drinks from the area’s most popular restaurants, and free masks and beads for guests to celebrate Fat Tuesday style.

Individual tickets are $150 at the door, and interested attendees can purchase them by calling 270-415-3759 or visiting Mercy Health’s Facebook page for more information about the event. All proceeds from the celebration will go towards funding improvements and upgrades of Mercy Health – Lourdes Hospital’s services, including new pediatric rooms, an epilepsy monitoring unit, 3D breast cancer technology, and a pediatric intubation device for the hospital’s emergency room.

In total, since its inception in 2022, the event has raised over $1 million to support Mercy Health – Lourdes Hospital’s mission to provide exceptional healthcare services to the community of Paducah and beyond.

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