Kuwait’s Emir calls for wide involvement in upcoming parliamentary elections

Kuwaitis urged to heed Sheikh Meshaal Al-Sabah’s call for civic engagement in upcoming parliamentary elections

The Emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Meshaal Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, has urged Kuwaitis to take part in the upcoming parliamentary elections scheduled for next Thursday. In a televised speech, Sheikh Mishal Al-Ahmad emphasized the importance of exercising one’s constitutional right to choose their representatives. He also warned against boycotting the elections and stressed the responsibility of citizens to elect a council with enlightened thinkers.

Sheikh Meshaal Al-Sabah called for a civil and respectful election process, urging candidates to speak in a way that pleases God and avoids offending others. He highlighted the need to prioritize the nation’s interests over personal agendas when choosing who will represent them in government.

The Emir also addressed concerns about national identity and urged Kuwaitis to preserve it while supporting efforts to combat forgery. He emphasized the importance of unity in protecting Kuwait and its people from any potential threats.

As preparations for the elections continue, officials have allocated resources and facilities to ensure that voting is smooth and transparent. Schools will serve as polling centers during the elections, providing easy accessibility for all voters. The electoral silence period is set to begin soon, which means no campaigning can take place before or after this date.

In conclusion, Sheikh Meshaal Al-Sabah’s message is clear: civic engagement is vital in shaping the future of Kuwait. By participating in the upcoming parliamentary elections, Kuwaitis have an opportunity to contribute to their country’s development and prosperity while fulfilling their democratic rights as citizens. It is time for everyone to exercise their civic duties responsibly for the betterment of Kuwait as a whole.

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