Alleged Extortion of Cooperatives Leads to Raid on Soup Kitchens in Argentina by Javier Milei

“Justice System Conducts Raids Amidst Allegations of Extortion in Food Delivery at Assistance Points in Argentina”

In response to allegations of extortion against those responsible for food delivery at thousands of assistance points, the Justice system in Argentina conducted 27 raids. These raids took place mostly in soup kitchens and were aimed at investigating at least 12 instances of extortion for the delivery of aid in exchange for participation in demonstrations against the government.

According to the Ministry of Security, the defendants allegedly channeled illicit funds from the extortions through cooperatives, with the final destination of the money being unknown. However, social organizations argue that these complaints are an attempt to discredit and persecute their leaders, many of whom are critical of the government.

The raids did not result in any arrests and took place on Monday and Tuesday at dawn in different parts of the capital and its periphery. They targeted private homes and party headquarters, including the central office of the Workers Party, where the owner suggested expelling any members proven to have committed extortion.

The case unfolded amidst growing unrest and demands for increased social assistance, as well as the resumption of food delivery to popular eaters run by NGOs. The ultraliberal government suspended food delivery to these eaters while auditing the use of resources. Half of the eaters could not be audited, as they were either unregistered or not functioning as intended.

Critics argue that anti-poverty plans in Argentina are exacerbating poverty, as the country faces a severe economic crisis with high levels of unemployment, inflation, and poverty. The situation has led to frequent marches and demonstrations by various groups affected by

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