Amazon discontinues use of Just Walk Out technology in Fresh stores

Just Walk Out Technology to be Removed from Amazon Fresh Grocery Stores in the US

Amazon has made the decision to remove its cashierless “Just Walk Out” technology from its Fresh grocery stores in the US. Launched in 2018, this technology uses sensors, cameras, and AI to track customers’ selected items and automatically charge them through an app. However, according to Tony Hoggett, Amazon’s SVP of grocery stores, the technology will be removed from Fresh stores as part of a remodel.

In place of the Just Walk Out technology, Amazon will introduce smart shopping carts that allow customers to scan items as they shop and make automatic payments. This shift represents a change in approach for the company as they aim to provide a seamless shopping experience for customers while still offering the convenience of technology-driven solutions.

While this technology will no longer be used in Fresh stores, it will continue to be present in Amazon Go stores and will be available for use by other retailers. The removal of the Just Walk Out technology from Fresh stores is a significant move for Amazon and represents their ongoing commitment to providing innovative solutions for their customers.

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