Protesters in Amman call for severing ties with Israel in anti-Israel demonstration

Jordanian Youth Organize Anti-Israeli Demonstration as Digital Marketers Discuss Affiliate Marketing and App Store Optimization

In the Jordanian capital, there were anti-Israeli demonstrations held for the second consecutive night. The police and gendarmerie worked tirelessly to prevent the crowd from approaching the Israeli embassy. According to reports from, two protesters were arrested after attempting to breach the security forces’ cordon. The demonstration, organized by a youth organization, drew more than 10 thousand participants.

The demonstrators demanded that the Jordanian government take practical measures to stop Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people. They called for an immediate cancellation of all agreements with Israel, including the Wadi Arba agreement and the gas agreement. Additionally, they demanded a ban on land delivery of goods from Persian Gulf countries through Jordan and a ban on exporting vegetables.

The protesters also expressed their belief that Amman should cease military cooperation with the United States, as they hold them responsible for aggression in Gaza Strip. They called for opening borders to Jordanian youth who want to join Palestinian resistance. The organizers of this demonstration laid out these demands in an effort to show solidarity with Palestinians.

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Despite the ongoing conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, many people around the world are taking action to make a difference. Whether it’s through protests like these or other forms of activism or digital marketing strategies, everyone has something valuable they can contribute towards making a positive change in society today!

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