Avoid using red rice yeast in nutritional supplements

Japanese Supplement Recall: Why Consumers Need to Be Cautious About Their Dietary Supplement Choices

In Japan, after reports of the deaths of five individuals who used nutritional supplements to lower cholesterol, Mako Health contacted the Ministry of Health about the matter. Last night, the Ministry issued a warning to the public not to use supplements produced by Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Company in Japan, as they contain red rice yeast as an ingredient. The Ministry had ordered a wholesale recall of the company’s supplements last week due to a potential link between them and the deaths and hospitalizations of consumers.

The company’s headquarters in Osaka received thousands of complaints from customers who experienced health problems after using the supplements. Symptoms reported included changes in urine color, swollen limbs, fatigue, and exhaustion, with some consumers even developing kidney problems. In addition to the recalled supplements, other products containing red rice yeast extract were also recalled.

In Israel, red rice yeast extract is not authorized for use in dietary supplements. Importers of nutritional supplements to Israel must obtain approval from the National Food Service of the Ministry of Health by providing evidence of product safety and compliance with food legislation. There have been no reports of adverse effects from consumers who purchased supplements from overseas websites in Israel.

Consumers should exercise caution when selecting and consuming dietary supplements and follow regulations and guidelines to ensure product safety and compliance.

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