Israel marks anniversary with bittersweet emotions as hostages remain in captivity

Israel at a Crossroads: Internal Divisions and Ongoing Conflict with Hamas as It Celebrates Its 76th Anniversary

In September 2023, a banner reading “Yes to two states” was displayed at a demonstration in Tel Aviv, marking the internal division within society caused by the conservative and religious government. This demand was not for a solution to resolve the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians as it used to be interpreted, but rather for the coexistence of Israel and Judea.

The armed infiltration of Hamas in southern Israel resulted in the deaths of 1,200 people and further complicated an already critical situation in the region. The attack also derailed the judicial reform plan proposed by the government, leading to a state of war in Israel. As Israel marked its 76th anniversary, the population continued to grow rapidly with 9.9 million inhabitants, including a significant percentage of children under 14 years old.

The ongoing conflict with Hamas and kidnappings of individuals in Gaza Strip cast a shadow over Israel’s anniversary celebrations. While the government vows to continue its offensive against Hamas, families of kidnapped individuals are calling for a truce agreement to ensure safe return of their loved ones. The prolonged war has strained Israel’s relations with neighboring countries and international community, leading to diplomatic challenges.

The conflict has also impacted Israel’s relationships with United States, causing tensions between two governments as the conflict continues. The lack of clear strategy and ongoing internal divisions within Israeli cabinet have prolonged the conflict causing further suffering and casualties. While efforts are being made to end war and secure release of kidnapped individuals, future remains uncertain for Israel as it enters its 77th year.

In conclusion, while banners displaying “Yes to two states” may have once been interpreted as calls for peace between Israelis and Palestinians, this is no longer the case in September 2023 due to internal divisions caused by conservative government. The attack on October 7th led to state of war and prolonged conflict that has affected not only lives but relationships with neighboring countries and international community leading to diplomatic challenges for Isreal as it enters its 77th year.

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