Virginia Tech News: New partnership with Honors College to incorporate smart robotics technology into student coursework

Innovative Partnership: Virginia Tech Honors College and Piaggio Fast Forward Tackle Climate Change with Smart Robotics Technology

In the spring semester, the Virginia Tech Honors College has joined forces with Piaggio Fast Forward to bring smart robotics technology to honors students working on real-world projects aimed at addressing climate change.

In the honors studio course “No Blue, No Green,” led by Professor Enric Ruiz-Geli, students will focus their projects on scenarios related to the impact of climate change. They will work collaboratively with Piaggio Fast Forward on the Blacksburg campus to design solutions and applications using the company’s technology to tackle challenges presented by their chosen scenario.

One of the main goals of the course is to introduce new technologies in a sustainable way, ensuring that any well-being of our planet is preserved. Industrial design major Adler Dills emphasized how important it is to incorporate new technology while keeping our planet’s health in mind.

Students participating in this course will have the opportunity to propose conceptual solutions, scenarios, and speculations for real global warming sites through a transdisciplinary approach. They will explore these scenarios using various methods such as performance, video, policy, models, drawings, literature, music, engineering and scientific formulas. This interdisciplinary collaboration aims to inspire creative thinking and innovative solutions that could help combat climate change.

For Emily LiaBraaten studying in this course means breaking free from her structured curriculum and exploring a more creative and exploratory space. The collaboration between the Honors College and Piaggio Fast Forward offers students an opportunity to think outside the box and contribute meaningful solutions for addressing some of the most pressing issues facing our planet today.

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