The High Cost of Long-Haul, Business-Class Flights Doesn’t Justify the Expense

Indulging in First Class: A Luxurious Experience with Air New Zealand’s Redesigned Cabins

In the summer of 2021, I received an invitation from Air New Zealand to visit their headquarters and experience their redesigned cabins. As someone who has always dreamed of flying first-class or business-class, I jumped at the opportunity to fly business class for the first time on the lengthy journey from Los Angeles to Auckland.

The experience was undoubtedly luxurious, with extra space, delicious food, and unlimited champagne. While I couldn’t justify paying such a hefty price again in the near future, I knew that this would be a while before I could indulge in such extravagance again.

As much as I enjoyed this luxury, my perspective on premium air travel shifted. The reality is that my budget has its limits, and splurging on such lavish flights is usually out of the question. However, the appeal of extra space, delicious food, and unlimited champagne is undeniable. Every time I book a flight, I find myself longing for the luxurious experience that these premium cabins offer.

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