Missile attack targets Brazilian corn shipment in Red Sea

Houthi Rebels Attack Brazilian Freighter on Dangerous Red Sea Shipping Lane

In Sana’a, Yemen, a cargo ship named Star Isis was targeted by Houthi fighters who were riding in the back of a pickup truck. The attack occurred on Monday when anti-ship missiles were launched at the vessel. Preliminary information indicates that the Houthi rebel group claims responsibility for the bombing of the freighter.

The Houthis are known to support the terrorist group Hamas and have been attacking vessels in the Red Sea that may be allies or of Israeli, American, or United Kingdom flags. Despite the attack, the vessel did not suffer major damage and continued its journey. It is expected to arrive at the port of Band Imam Khomeini in Iran on the 19th of this month. The ship can transport up to 80,000 tons of grain and is operated by Star Bulk Carriers.

Before the crisis highlighting pirate attacks on commercial and military vessels, the region where the Brazilian cargo ship was hit was responsible for at least 15% of world maritime trade. Currently, cargo ships have redirected navigation routes to avoid frequent pirate attacks in the Red Sea.

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