US Arms Fueling Deadly Gang Violence in Haiti: Uncovering the Criminal Economy

Guns, Gang Violence and the Urgent Need for Global Action in Haiti

For years, human rights advocates and civil society groups in Haiti have been demanding that the flow of illicit firearms to criminal gangs, especially from the United States, be stopped in order to address the escalating unrest in the country. With a surge in deadly gang attacks gripping the capital of Port-au-Prince, these calls are becoming even more urgent.

Rosy Auguste Ducena, a lawyer and programme director at the National Human Rights Defense Network (RNDDH), a prominent Haitian rights group, pointed out that Haiti does not have its own weapons or ammunition factory. Therefore, the weapons and ammunition causing chaos in the country are coming from elsewhere, with a significant portion originating from the United States.

The range of firearms and ammunition entering Haiti, from handguns to semi-automatic and military-style weapons, is largely unchecked due to weak state institutions, corruption, and challenges in monitoring the vast coastline of the country. Ducena emphasized the need for greater control over what leaves the United States to help address the crisis in Haiti.

As gun violence continues to plague Haiti’s streets, it is becoming increasingly clear that addressing this issue will require international cooperation and support. To curb violence caused by criminal gangs and promote peace and security in Haiti, stronger controls must be put on illegally obtained firearms flowing into our borders. It is time for action before it’s too late.

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