Healthcare workers at Hennepin County consider gun violence a public health crisis

Gun Violence: A Public Health Crisis for Healthcare Workers in Minneapolis

The impact of gun violence on healthcare workers is a public health crisis, according to Hennepin Healthcare workers. In the past year, the hospital has treated over 1,500 victims of gun violence. The toll of gun violence has been immense, with the effects compared to those of the pandemic on healthcare workers.

The consequences of gun violence are being felt firsthand by Hennepin Healthcare workers, who are treating an increasing number of shooting victims seeking treatment at the hospital in Minneapolis. The burden on healthcare workers has been significant, with many experiencing the effects of the crisis in their daily work.

Hennepin Healthcare’s high number of shooting victims is a clear indicator of the severity of the crisis. Healthcare workers are calling for action to address this crisis and prevent further harm to the community. The impact of gun violence on healthcare workers cannot be understated, with the crisis taking a real toll on their mental and physical well-being.

In conclusion, Hennepin Healthcare workers are labeling gun violence as a public health crisis due to its devastating effects on both patients and healthcare workers alike. The high number of shooting victims treated at the hospital highlights the urgency for action to address this issue and protect public health in Minnesota.

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