Wyoming’s Governor Advocates for Property Tax Relief and Emphasizes State’s Robust Economy in State of the State Speech – Sheridan Media

Governor Gordon’s 2024 Budget Session Address: Strong Economy, Conservative Priorities Amid Energy Policy Challenges

Governor Mark Gordon began the 2024 Budget Session by addressing the joint session of the Wyoming Legislature. During his State of the State Address, he highlighted Wyoming’s strong economy, with the state’s gross domestic product being the highest in history and unemployment as low as it has been since 2008.

Gordon also addressed the impact that Biden Administration’s energy policies have had on Wyoming and the energy industry. He urged legislators to focus on passing a conservative budget, one which keeps general fund spending flat when compared to 2021. The proposed budget addresses significant needs like property tax relief, targeting those truly in need.

The Governor also discussed education, mental health and border security in his address, reminding legislators to be mindful of potential impacts on county resources, roads and schools when considering legislation that addresses high property taxes.

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