Neste identifies fuel shortage at stations – Finnish Confederation of Trade Unions to specify strike limits; Service Safety Center approves

Fuel Shortages Loom as Political Strike in Finland Impacts Neste’s Fuel Distribution

Neste has announced that some of its fuel stations are no longer able to receive fuel due to the ongoing political strike in Finland. The company anticipates that the situation will worsen as the strike continues. This announcement was made on Tuesday, with Neste expressing regret for the inconvenience caused to its customers as a result of the strike. The strike is expected to continue until the end of March.

Fuel shortages have started to occur at stations in South-Finland, with occasional shortages seen across the country. According to Panu Kopra, director of Neste’s Marketing & Services business unit, the fuel distribution disruptions are more pronounced in southern Finland than in the north. Despite these challenges, efforts are being made to distribute fuel as much as possible under difficult circumstances.

St1, another energy company that operates Shell gas stations in Finland, has acknowledged that the strikes may affect fuel availability at some of its stations. However, other chains like S Group’s ABC service chain have stated that their operations remain unaffected by the strikes.

The Security of Supply Center has reassured the public that Finland has sufficient fuel reserves to last through the strikes. However, concerns remain about ongoing disruptions in fuel distribution and availability due to strikers blocking key routes and delivery trucks from reaching their destinations. Teollisuusliitto, which organized the strikes, has been asked by HVK (Helsinki Vehicle Traffic Authority) to secure fuel distribution if necessary. A resolution reached on Tuesday evening is expected to improve the situation somewhat but some supply disruptions may still be anticipated.

Industry Association has been granted permission by HVK (Helsinki Vehicle Traffic Authority) to declare a continuation of strikes if deemed necessary by industry stakeholders such as Neste and St1 for critical sectors like fuel distribution. The SAK board will meet soon to decide on future strike actions based on this decision. HVK expressed satisfaction with Teollisuusliitto’s efforts so far and urged them to work towards resolving issues with Neste and St1 before declaring a continuation of strikes.

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In conclusion, while there may be disruptions in fuel distribution due to ongoing political strikes in Finland, it is important for stakeholders like Neste and St1

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