The Unraised Hand is Weakening Israel’s Diplomatic Defenses

From Sympathy to Ostracism: Israel’s Diplomatic Shield Crumbles After Hamas War

The unexpected outcome of the Hamas war in Israel has led to a collapse of its diplomatic shield wall. Initially, Israel received international sympathy, especially from democratic countries, following the massive massacre by Hamas. However, five and a half months later, Israel is moving towards international ostracism. Huge anti-Israel demonstrations are taking place in Europe and American gates are calling for a ceasefire in Gaza.

The collapse of Israel’s diplomatic shield is evident with the US not opposing a resolution for a unilateral ceasefire in Gaza. For 50 years, Israel relied on an American veto in the Security Council for important matters. However, the recent decision to allow a resolution for a unilateral ceasefire in Gaza signals a shift in US support. This decision could open the door to legal challenges and delegitimization of Israel on the international stage. Despite the limited timeframe of the resolution, its impact on Israel’s international standing is significant.

For 50 years, Israel has relied heavily on American support to maintain its power and influence on the world stage. However, recent events have shown that this support may be waning as tensions between Israel and other countries continue to rise. The parallels between the current crisis between Israel and the US and past diplomatic dynamics, such as the embargo imposed on South Africa in 1977, provide insights into potential consequences for both countries and their relationships with each other.

The diplomatic disagreement between Israel and the US may lead to changes in expectations for conduct between nations and new rules governing international relations. It remains uncertain how this situation will unfold and whether it will impact Israel’s relationship with other countries or its standing within regional organizations like NATO.

As tensions continue to rise between Israeli leaders and their counterparts from other countries around the world, it is clear that this situation will have significant implications for global security and stability moving forward. Whether or not this conflict can be resolved peacefully remains uncertain at this time but one thing is certain – it will have far-reaching impacts that may ripple across borders and continents.

In conclusion, The Hamas war has brought about an unexpected outcome – a collapse of diplomatic shield wall around Israel which has raised questions about its future standing within international community . While there are currently no clear answers regarding what happens next , it is clear that tensions are high between different actors involved in this conflict which may result

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