Over 250,000 Belgians have a second job

From Second Jobs to Part-Time Work: Belgians’ Multiple Income Sources and Work Arrangements in 2023

In 2023, approximately 5.2 percent of the working population in Belgium had a second job, which is an increase from 3.8 percent in 2018, according to figures from Statbel. Interestingly, the gap between men and women with multiple jobs has now closed.

Nearly six out of ten additional jobs are performed by self-employed individuals, with popular sectors including human health, education, and wholesale and retail trade. Part-time work is also common among salaried employees in Belgium, with 26.0 percent of them working part-time. Women are more likely to do so than men, often reducing their working hours to care for children or others while men cite personal reasons for working part-time. The most popular part-time regime for both genders is working four-fifths.

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