Alberto Marenghi Announces Bid for Confindustria Leadership

From Paper Mill Owner to Potential Leader of Italian Industry: The Case for Alberto Marenghi

As the deadline for the presidency of Confindustria approaches, several candidates have emerged. Among them is Alberto Marenghi, the current vice president of Confindustria with delegation for organization, development, and marketing.

Marenghi was born in Mantua in 1976 and has a strong background in business. He is the CEO of his family paper mill in Mantua and has also founded several successful companies over the years. In 2010, he founded Cartiera Galliera based in Padua, which he currently serves as President and CEO. In 2013, he founded Sumus Italia based in Milan, where he serves as Vice President.

As a leader with extensive experience in business and management, Marenghi brings a unique perspective to the candidacy for presidency of Confindustria. His focus on organization, development, and marketing will be key to helping guide Italy’s industrial sector into a bright future.

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