Eiffel Tower Sets Record After Bizarre Matchstick Dispute

From Mistakes to Marvel: Richard Plaud’s Record-Breaking Eiffel Tower Now in the Guinness Book of Records

It was a wild prank – but now the experts have come to an agreement: Frenchman Richard Plaud’s record-breaking Eiffel Tower will be entered in the Guinness Book of Records. The organization has admitted that they were too strict about the nature of the games in this attempt, and Richard’s attempt is officially great.

But it was not an easy journey for Richard. He spent eight years building his Eiffel Tower, making two serious mistakes along the way. He used 706,900 matches for his passion project, with 47-year-old civil servant Richard Plaud buying them in supermarkets and then persuading match manufacturer Flam’Up to supply him with boxes containing 190,000 headless sticks. According to the Guinness Book of Records, that was a big mistake. Another even weirder mistake was cutting off the heads of the matchsticks instead of scraping them off as required by regulations.

Now after a week of reviewing Richard’s application, the Guinness Book has turned around and recognized his record-breaking feat. Richard describes it as an “emotional rollercoaster ride.” If he had not made those mistakes, he would have held onto the record set by his predecessor Toufic Daher, who built an Eiffel Tower out of matchsticks that is 6.53 meters high since 2009. But now Richard’s name will be etched in history as a true Eiffel tower builder extraordinaire.

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