Amazon is discontinuing its Just Walk Out technology.

From ‘Just Walk Out’ to ‘Smart’ Shopping: Amazon’s Evolution of its Amazon Fresh Stores

Amazon is revamping its Amazon Fresh stores by removing the “Just Walk Out” technology that enabled shoppers to skip the checkout line. The grocery chain is undergoing a redesign, led by Tony Hoggell, senior vice president of grocery stores who joined Amazon in 2022. Reports from Bloomberg and Associated Press confirm the changes to the stores, with customer feedback playing a crucial role in the decision-making process.

With over 516 Whole Foods stores operating in the US and Canada, Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods in 2017 expanded its reach in the grocery industry. The company’s cashier-free convenience stores under the Amazon brand are known for their speed and convenience. However, with dozens of Fresh grocery stores located across the United States, including states like California, Illinois, Virginia, and Washington, customers can expect more traditional shopping experiences at these locations.

The new “smart” shopping carts introduced in Amazon Fresh stores offer customers the convenience of skipping the checkout line while still being able to monitor their spending in real-time. Customers will receive their itemized bill via email, providing them with a transparent view of their purchases. Despite this change, Amazon continues to operate a few Go Stores that utilize “Just Walk Out” technology.

Amazon’s commitment to innovation and customer experience is evident in its willingness to explore new ideas and technologies. While some projects may be abandoned, Amazon’s dedication to leveraging technology to enhance the shopping experience remains at the forefront of its operations. Ultimately, customer feedback and preferences play a crucial role in shaping Amazon’s approach to retail innovation.

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