From pandemic brainstorm to thriving business: The evolution of an idea

From Hobby to Business: Firefly Forts in Nashville and the Battle Against Lung Cancer

In Nashville, Tennessee, a couple from Atlanta has turned an idea into a business that aims to get kids outside and away from screens. Firefly Forts, as it’s called, was created out of a desire to reduce screen time for their own kids and get them outside more. The couple, Mike and Kristin Scaglione, never intended for their fort-building hobby to turn into a business, but it has since expanded to include franchises in Miami and Nashville.

Despite their success, the Scagliones are now facing a difficult time as Mike has been diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer. However, they are fortunate to have found someone to run the business in Nashville, allowing them to focus on his health and their family.

One of the customers of Firefly Forts Nashville is Keith Maddin, who is excited about the expansion and sees it as exactly what he wants to be doing next. The company has not only created meaningful connections with its customers but also provided opportunities for families to create fun and memorable moments together.

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