Arkana Ceca, a criminal turned singer and widow of a war criminal, refused to give up: ‘He protected Serbia…’

From Genocide to Art: Ceca’s Journey as a War Criminal’s Widow

In March, Ceca, the widow of war criminal Zcarongeljko Razcaronatovi Arkan, was scheduled to have a concert in Maribor. However, posters promoting the event were pasted around Zagreb and caused controversy among citizens. Three young people were filmed destroying the posters in Lanište and Dubrava, sparking further debate.

Despite facing extreme minority attacks and criticism, Ceca has remained unshaken. She believes that music transcends politics and borders and that she is loved by Croats regardless of their political beliefs. Her commitment to her art has helped her overcome challenges and controversies in the past, including accusations of genocide against Bosniaks and crimes against humanity.

In an interview with a journalist, Ceca shared details of her married life with Arkan and the attempts made to assassinate him. Despite these challenges, she remains committed to pursuing her passion for music and performing for audiences around the world.

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