Modernizing an Industrial Business: Insights from the Chair of Honeywell

From Diversified to Integrated: Honeywell’s Transformation through Transparency and Digital Strategy

As the former CEO of Honeywell, who served until June 2023, Adamczyk asserts that the company’s resilience in the face of challenges such as Covid, inflation, and geopolitical risks was due to their transparent and coherent digital strategy. This strategy involved transforming Honeywell from a diversified industrial conglomerate to an integrated one.

Internally, the focus was on increasing productivity, transparency, and agility through centralized data for guiding business decisions. Externally, the goal was to utilize Honeywell’s information systems to provide clients with new value, such as tracking emissions, saving energy, and improving safety.

To achieve this transformation, Honeywell first simplified and reorganized its infrastructure by reducing the number of enterprise resource planning systems, websites, and applications. The company also defined master data for products, employees, and customers. A strategy was then developed for utilizing this data effectively.

Adamczyk made it clear that he personally cared about the transformation by overseeing monthly meetings and operating reviews. This demonstrated the company’s commitment to the path of transformation. He believes that transparency is key to building trust with customers and partners while driving innovation within the organization.

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