Community health leader in Multnomah County resigns after less than a year

Former Multnomah County Health Center Director Resigns, Alleging Discrimination in First Month on Job

In his new role, Rhodes will be responsible for overseeing eight primary care health centers, seven dental clinics, seven pharmacies, and nine student health centers. However, Rhodes quickly encountered challenges and was placed on paid administrative leave in October. Rhodes told Willamette Week that he faced discrimination as a Black leader. He returned from leave in January, only to resign in February.

Rhodes declined to comment on his resignation, as did county officials. His departure was part of a series of exits from the health center system, with Jeff Perry, the chief financial officer, and Bernadette Thomas, the medical director, also resigning recently. Serena Cruz, the county’s chief operating officer, stated that the decisions from Perry and Thomas were unrelated to Rhodes’ resignation.

Despite the recent turmoil within the health center system, Multnomah County looks forward to moving forward and ensuring the provision of quality health care services to the community. The county officials continue to seek qualified individuals to fill the vacancies left by Rhodes, Perry, and Thomas. The community health center’s leadership will work towards overcoming challenges and maintaining its commitment to providing accessible and equitable health care to all residents. Subscribe today to to support quality journalism.

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