AI and its Impact on the Global South: A Series on Technology

Exploring the Dark Side of AI in the Global South: A Conversation with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Maria Ressa and Urvashi Aneja

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Maria Ressa and Urvashi Aneja discussed the impact of current AI developments on the Global South in a 25-minute 17-second Unscripted video. They explored how much of the labor that powers the AI boom is based in the Global South, leading to questions about who benefits from the technology and what the costs are.

Ressa and Aneja highlighted the impact AI is already having on Global South communities, from labor conditions to democracy and the environment. They emphasized the need for countries to move beyond simply “catching up with the North” when considering the role AI should play in their societies.

The video was published on February 12, 2024, and aimed to stimulate discussion about the implications of AI in the Global South. Viewers were encouraged to share the video on social media to continue

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