Prime Minister of Kazakhstan investigates modern scientific advancements at Nazarbayev University

Exploring Cutting-Edge Scientific Developments at Nazarbayev University: A Meeting with Kazakh Prime Minister Olzhas Bektenov

The Supreme Board of Trustees of Nazarbayev University (NU), Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools, and the Nazarbayev Foundation recently convened a meeting with Kazakh Prime Minister, Olzhas Bektenov. The purpose of the meeting was to explore the state-of-the-art laboratories at NU and the latest scientific developments taking place there, as reported by the Prime Minister’s press service.

During the meeting, Bektenov shared information about research teams at NU laboratories who are currently working on projects related to artificial intelligence development, innovations in optoelectronics for green technologies, and advancements in diagnosing and treating complex diseases.

One such project involves developing an effective cancer treatment. Dos Sarbassov, the general director of the National Laboratory Astana (NLA), shared details about his team’s work on this project. He reported encouraging results from the initial phases 1 and 2 studies of the drug.

Another presentation focused on creating a “genetic profile” of Kazakh citizens. Ainur Akilzhanova, the acting director of the Center for Life Sciences at NLA, discussed this project in detail. This genetic profile could help identify predispositions to diseases, ultimately contributing to public health protection and the development of domestic medicine in Kazakhstan.

The meeting also included a presentation on an accelerator for research on water purification and hydrogen generation, which was created in collaboration with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in the United States. Bektenov laid out specific tasks aimed at integrating science and production, as well as expanding access to scientific infrastructure for the Kazakh research community.

In conclusion, this meeting provided an opportunity for the Supreme Board of Trustees to learn about cutting-edge scientific developments taking place at NU laboratories and how they can contribute to public health protection and economic growth in Kazakhstan.

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