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Expert Display Analyst Bob O’Brien: From Corning to DSCC, Transforming the LCD Industry through Strategic Insights and Predictive Modeling

Bob O’Brien is a Co-Founder, Principal Consultant, and CFO at DSCC with extensive experience in market and business analysis within the display and electronics industries. He specializes in display materials, including glass and AMOLED materials, as well as developments in TV and other large-screen display applications.

During his time at Corning, Bob led the CGT intelligence team in developing tools for analyzing short- and long-term dynamics in the LCD industry. He created an analytical model to predict glass demand based on supply/demand dynamics in the LCD value chain to address Corning’s vulnerability to market fluctuations. Bob also conducted consumer survey work to understand the TV replacement cycle and led efforts to explore and develop Gorilla glass business in emerging markets as the cover glass market matured.

Prior to Corning, Bob worked at LG.Philips and Philips, where he led a team evaluating six display technologies for the large-screen TV market. He has a strong background in strategic insights and turning market analysis into actionable strategies within the technology sector. Bob’s expertise in display materials and TV technologies makes him a valuable asset to the industry.

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