Report: Chinese and Indian Companies Facing Sanctions for Russia Connections

EU Considering Imposing Sanctions on Chinese Companies for Supporting Russia in Ukraine

The European Union (EU) is reportedly considering imposing sanctions on three Chinese companies due to their ties to Russia. This move marks the first time the bloc will sanction Chinese businesses since the invasion of Ukraine. In addition, the EU is also evaluating firms based in Hong Kong, India, Serbia, and Turkey for their alleged support of Russia.

According to reports by Bloomberg and the Financial Times, a draft proposal has been prepared that would ban companies from doing business with the listed parties that are believed to be aiding Russia in its war in Ukraine. If approved by member states, this would mark a significant step in the EU’s efforts to hold countries accountable for supporting Russia’s actions.

The EU has already imposed 12 sanctions packages on Russia since the invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. During a visit to Beijing in April 2023, European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen warned China’s leader Xi Jinping not to support Russia’s war efforts. She emphasized the crucial role of China’s position in the conflict and expressed the EU’s expectation for China not to provide any military equipment, directly or indirectly, to Russia. Von der Leyen stressed that arming the aggressor would be against international law and that it would significantly harm the EU’s relationship with China.

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