Anger in the Emirates after the tragic loss of aid workers

Ensuring Safety in Humanitarian Efforts: The Urgent Need for Protection of Aid Workers in Gaza

The recent attack on aid workers from the World Central Kitchen (WCK) in Gaza has raised concerns about the safety of those involved in humanitarian efforts in the region. Israel must provide guarantees to the government in Abu Dhabi to ensure that such incidents do not happen again.

According to initial findings by the IDF, airstrikes targeted WCK vehicles after they had received food from an aid ship funded by the United Arab Emirates. The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs strongly condemned the attack and called for an independent investigation to hold those responsible accountable for violating International Humanitarian Law.

In a joint statement with Cyprus, the UAE once again condemned the incident and emphasized the need for international cooperation to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. The naval aid pier, a project funded by the UAE and WCK, was intended to facilitate the transfer of humanitarian assistance to Gaza but is now at risk due to the recent attack.

The UAE’s aid operation “The Brave Horseman,” led by President Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed’s adviser Muhammad Dahlan, has been instrumental in providing support to Gaza. Dahlan’s efforts to reach out to the Gaza Strip during the conflict demonstrate a commitment to easing the situation for residents and challenging Hamas’ control in the region. While

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