Encompass Health nurses and supply chain professionals collaborate to deliver top-notch patient care

Encompass Health: Bridging the Gap between Clinical Teams and Supply Chain for Quality Patient Care

Encompass Health has a strong partnership between its supply chain and clinical teams, with the goal of ensuring quality patient care. Hines, the CEO, emphasizes the importance of effective supply chain management in providing clinicians with the necessary supplies to deliver quality care. This collaboration is seen as a duty to ensure that clinicians have access to the right products at the right time.

Encompass Health has a long history of working closely with frontline clinicians within the healthcare system. By having a national task force that includes both clinical and supply chain representatives, the organization is able to foster communication and collaboration between these two areas. Standardization plays a key role in improving patient care outcomes, and before implementing any standardization, products are thoroughly vetted by clinicians within the organization to ensure their efficacy. Additionally, Encompass Health has established processes for clinicians to provide ongoing feedback on product effectiveness and availability.

Cost-effectiveness is important when selecting products, but Carter emphasizes that having the right products and using them effectively can have a larger impact on savings than price alone. This integration of supply chain and clinical knowledge is crucial in ensuring that the organization is providing the best care possible while also being financially responsible. The Summit hosted by Encompass Health provides a platform for clinicians and supply chain professionals to come together and share their experiences and knowledge. This partnership allows for a consistent message to be delivered to all stakeholders and enables everyone to understand how products are used and why they are chosen. Overall, this collaboration between supply chain and clinical teams at Encompass Health is focused on improving patient care outcomes through effective management of supplies and products while also being mindful of costs and efficiency.

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