Kodiak Youth Sexual Health Initiative: Talking about the Rock

Empowering the Youth: Community Outreach and Sexual Health Initiatives in Kodiak, Alaska

On March 26, 2024, Jared Griffin hosted an episode of Talk of the Rock where he interviewed Payton Callahan and Mikylla Madamba, organizers of the Kodiak Youth Sexual Health Initiative. The program and goals of their organization were discussed in detail, and listeners were encouraged to check out their services on their Instagram page @kyshi_ak.

During the episode, Talk of the Rock also featured a segment with Ellamy Tiller, Outreach Coordinator, who discussed a different topic. This segment provided additional insights and perspectives on youth sexual health and community outreach initiatives.

Overall, the episode covered important conversations around youth sexual health and community outreach initiatives. Viewers were invited to listen to the episode for more information and insights into these critical topics.

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