Employers Concerned About RN’s Radical Economic Plans

Employers’ Concerns over Financial Instability with RN’s Economic Program

The National Rally (RN) has raised concerns among employers’ organizations about the risk of financial instability if they win the legislative elections. Employers are worried that their economic policies could be unraveled, which could have negative consequences for businesses and employment.

In response to this fear, Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, has called on the economic world to speak out against the RN’s economic program. He warned of potential consequences of implementing such policies, which could harm public finances and lead to tax increases for households and businesses.

The Medef and CPME did not explicitly name the RN in their statements but expressed concerns about proposals that could strain public finances and negatively affect supply-side policies. The Medef highlighted the potential risk of financial instability and mistrust from economic partners if certain economic programs were implemented. Similarly, CPME emphasized the importance of decarbonizing the economy, reforming social protection systems and maintaining supply-side policies.

Despite refraining from direct criticism, some employers remain cautious about their approach to avoid alienating potential voters. However, concerns persist about the lack of clarity on RN’s economic program and its potential impact on current economic policies that have shown positive results. As legislative elections draw nearer, there is a sense of unease among employers about uncertainty surrounding economic policies and their implications for businesses and economy.

Employers’ organizations are concerned that if the National Rally (RN) wins the legislative elections, it could put an end to all current positive results achieved through previous economic policies since 2017. They fear that such a move would negatively impact businesses’ growth and employment opportunities.

Minister Le Maire has urged everyone in the economic world to speak out against RN’s economic program warning them of its potential consequences on public finances and households’ taxes. While Medef did not explicitly name RN in their statement but highlighted concerns over strained public finances due to certain proposals.

CPME emphasized on maintaining supply-side policies while decarbonizing economy; reforming social protection system is crucial for stability in economy.

Employers are cautious in their approach as they don’t want to lose any voters by directly criticizing RN but still worry about lack of clarity over their proposed economic program

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