Enhancing Your Dealership’s Technology Toolbox – Eric Schlesinger

Embracing the digital revolution: How technology is transforming communication within the car industry

Eric Schlesinger, the chief revenue officer at ActivEngage, was a guest on the latest episode of Kain & Co. The conversation between host David Kane and Schlesinger focused on how technology is transforming communication within the car industry.

Schlesinger emphasized the importance of balancing human interaction with the car buying process. While technology has advanced significantly in recent years, people still prefer to buy cars from individuals rather than relying solely on digital methods.

One significant trend that has emerged is a shift in consumer preferences when it comes to communication. Younger generations, such as millennials, prefer digital communication methods over phone calls. Dealerships that adapt to these preferences are more likely to engage effectively with potential customers.

The pandemic has also had an impact on consumer trust and engagement, highlighting the need for transparency and flexibility from dealerships. Building trust is essential for successful engagements and transactions with customers.

Millennials make up a significant portion of the market but lack brand loyalty. When it comes to engagement strategies, treatment and communication style are prioritized over specific brands or dealerships. This highlights the importance of tailoring strategies across different demographics and technologies in order to be effective in the car industry.

With over three decades of experience in the automotive industry, Schlesinger’s perspective showcases how rapidly technology is changing the sector. Adapting to meet changing consumer demands and technological advancements is crucial for success in the car business.

Overall, this episode of Kain & Co. highlighted how technology is transforming communication within the car industry and how dealerships must adapt to meet changing consumer preferences if they want to succeed in today’s marketplace.

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