Franck Riester announces that there will be no vote in the National Assembly before the European elections on Ceta.

Embarrassment for French Government: Senate Rejects Ceta Trade Treaty, Delaying Ratification Until After Elections

The Senate’s rejection of Ceta, a free trade treaty between the EU and Canada, has caused embarrassment for the executive in the lead-up to the European elections. Minister Delegate for Foreign Trade Franck Riester announced that he will not transmit the bill to the National Assembly before the elections.

Riester believes that communist deputies are politically motivated and harmful to French businesses, farmers, and exporters. He defended the Ceta agreement, highlighting its benefits for France and distinguishing it from unfavorable trade agreements.

However, following this decision, some opposition groups have planned to include the text in their parliamentary time in the Assembly on May 30. Despite this delay, Riester stated that he will transmit the bill at an appropriate time. He emphasized that he wants a peaceful debate but does not want certain opposition groups to exploit it for electoral gain.

In case of rejection by the National Assembly, Riester faces a complex decision between notifying Brussels of non-ratification or risking backlash from opposition parties.

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