American tourist (80) killed in elephant attack while on safari

Elephant Attack on Safari Leads to Tragic Death of American Woman in Her 80s

An American woman in her 80s lost her life after being attacked by an elephant while on a car safari in Zambia. The woman and five other tourists were chased by the elephant for hundreds of meters until the driver had to stop the vehicle due to a road blockade.

The incident occurred in the Kafue National Park in Zambia last weekend. The elephant, which had become separated from its herd, began chasing the vehicle as the tourists were being guided through the national park. A video taken by one of the tourists in the car captured the terrifying moment when the elephant pursued them.

The driver was forced to stop the vehicle after encountering a road blockage caused by vegetation. Tragically, the elephant used its tusks to tip over the vehicle, resulting in the death of

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